Delegate Samirah’s Trump Disruption

Press Release / July 30, 2019

Contact: Rob Cline,


Today, Delegate Ibraheem S. Samirah disrupted the Jamestown event because he refused to sit idly by while President Donald Trump, a beacon of hate speech and harmful policy, hijacks a celebration of democratic values he doesn’t even hold. This President has made his true values loud and clear by telling black and brown American citizens to “go back where they came from”, by constantly referring to the places that black and brown people live as “rat-infested” “sh*tholes”, by inciting violence against Muslims, and by demonizing immigrants and comparing them to vermin.

“400 years ago today, a group of undocumented immigrants formed a government to rule this Commonwealth, beginning a centuries-long tradition of people from across the world immigrating here for a chance at safety, democracy, and prosperity; my parents, who are Palestinian refugees, included. The fact that the racist-in-chief, who so openly stokes hate against immigrants, was even invited to this event is insulting to Virginians and insulting to the history of our Commonwealth’s democracy.” said Delegate Samirah.

“We have to remember that his rhetoric translates directly into policy. He cages kids. He separates families. He bans Muslims. He deprives people the human right of seeking asylum. And it doesn’t end at the border. He is cutting food stamps, taking away healthcare and environmental protections, giving billions of dollars in handouts to the obnoxiously wealthy, and enabling a systematically-racist criminal justice system.”

“Virginians of all backgrounds can see right through Trump and the Republican General Assembly that embraces him so warmly. They say that it’s disrespectful – that it’s impolite – to disrupt this celebration. But we saw the GOP’s deep disrespect for the people of Virginia when they only entertained 90 minutes of work in our special session on gun violence prevention, choosing gun lobbyists over Virginian lives. In the same way they politicize the issue of gun violence, Republican’s politicization of the 400th anniversary of our Commonwealth is completely unacceptable.”

“Today, historian John Meacham said to the crowd ‘the story of America is in fact the story of progress.’ I don’t see how anyone can claim to participate in that progress while embracing a man who wants to bring us as far back in time as possible. I will always fight proudly against those who espouse racism and dehumanization. And I am confident that my constituents – my friends and neighbors in Herndon and across Virginia – would rather see me stand up and be heard than sit down, be polite, and passively accept the presence of a man who has sowed fear, division, and hate from the highest office in the land.”